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About Penny Boyland BSc, Lic. Ac., SEP, mCThA

My journey into trauma healing

My fascination with dis-ease and healing began during childhood with the veterinary visits to my father’s farm.  This led me to initially study and gain a BSc. (Hons) Pharmacology and embark on a successful career in different aspects of the Pharmaceutical industry.  However, after 11 years I began to feel something was missing from the allopathic approach and so returned to 4 years, full-time education to  gain my Licentiate of Acupuncture, (Lic. Ac.) at the International College of Oriental Medicine, (ICOM), East Grinstead.  My acupuncture training was comprehensive, (Chinese Philosophy, Physiology and Pathology; Anatomy; Western Physiology and Pathology; and Massage) and included the advanced, four-dimensional knowledge of the Five Element Philosophy known as Stems & Branches, (S&B).

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) and Emotional Awareness

Concurrent with my Licentiate training, I also trained in Emotional Awareness for 7 years (2000-2007), learning how awareness of emotions in the body could heal emotional distress.  Then in 2006 I undertook a further 3 years training to consolidate my experience working with stress and trauma, and qualified as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP).  My fervour for this therapeutic approach also led to the birth of the Somatic Experiencing Association UK (SEA UK) in November 2009, of which I was unanimously elected Chair (2009-2012).  Thereafter I served as Treasurer (2012 – 2017) and focused on building SEA UK’s presence on Facebook, (2016 – 2018).  In May 2012 I was also elected Secretary of the Board of EASE (European Association of SE), a position I held for the next three years.  Since then I have championed support for European SE Training Assistants as a member of the European Assistant Task Force.

Subsequent to qualifying as an SEP in May 2009 I progressed as an SE Training Assistant and have supported SE Trainings internationally, (UK, Australia, Poland and Hungary).  I gained approval as a Senior Assistant in Feb 2015 and am currently an approved Session Provider for all SE Trainee levels: Personal Sessions (since March 2014); Individual Case Consults, (since Feb 2015); and Small Group Case Consults (since Nov 2018).  I also offer supervision to other SEPs.  This journey has entailed hearing the SE training material delivered many times by different Trainers – a very rich experience that has deepened my knowledge and clinical application of SE theory.

Other Trauma Resolution Tools Used in My Work

My insatiable appetite for ways to help my clients heal trauma has led me to other post graduate trainings and certifications including:

plus understanding of Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory and Bowlby’s Attachment Theory.

I weave all of these into my work as required by the client’s individual needs.

In Practice

In practice, I have worked privately; both at home and at Clinics.  I strive to ensure all my working spaces provide a safe and nurturing environment for my patients by; adhering to the Complementary Therapists Association, (CThA), codes of ethics and practice; regularly practicing space and energy clearing techniques; and using a caring, respectful, and empowering approach with my clients.

In summary, Somatic Tao offers a synthesised, holistic, clinical approach based on:

  • the use of somatic felt sense: integrated with
  • Western traumatology, physiology and neuroscience; and
  • knowledge of disease according to the Taoist Philosophy of Chinese Medicine

Add to that:

  • familiarity with medical terms and drug mechanisms gained from my previous pharmaceutical career;
  • the deepening of my SE knowledge through my SE Assistant Approval process; and
  • over 14 years clinical experience of working with stress, emotional distress and trauma

I am able to offer a unique and comprehensive approach to stress and trauma.

My promise

I promise to:

  • Provide the highest quality of health care for every individual who seeks treatment
  • Create an environment in which patients will feel secure, have relief of symptoms and become educated in their own personal health needs
  • Work with patients so they may become an active part in the healing process, allowing them to grow with the treatments
  • Continue professional development so that I can continue to grow & constantly provide my patients with new techniques to help them heal themselves

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