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What is a traumatic event?

A traumatic event is defined as an event or circumstances in which the traumatic stressor involves a perceived threat to life (either one‟s own or that of another person) or physical integrity, and generally comes with fear, helplessness or horror.  A fairground ride, for example, might be fun for one person but terrifying for another.   Such events or perceived experiences may be one-time occurrences or ongoing; all can produce shock and overwhelm in the body. Anyone can experience traumatic stress.  Sufferers are normal people, experiencing normal reactions to situations that feel threatening to them.

There is only one clinical trials of SE® as yet which indeed showed clinical effectiveness.  Furthermore, it has been shown time and time again to benefit individuals suffering from recognised trauma such as:

  • physical wounds such as medical interventions and auto accidents
  • inescapable attack: rape, sexual abuse, incest, torture, war
  • loss of a loved one, divorce
  • natural disasters such as floods, earth quakes, tsunamis
  • high fever, asphyxiation, birth trauma
  • developmental trauma or emotional trauma such as neglect, abandonment or betrayal during childhood.

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