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How does Somatic Experiencing (SE®) work?

SE doesn’t focus on talking about or reliving trauma.  It doesn’t have to involve touch or body-work.  It listens to and uses the ‘voice’ of the body, which it calls the ‘felt sense’.   Examples of this voice would be: physical sensations like warmth, coldness, tingling, and contraction; or eyes consciously seeing objects/colours or ears consciously hearing sounds in the immediate environment.  Paying attention to these sensations in the moment, moment-to-moment, helps the body’s self healing mechanisms do their work.  Trapped stress energy is safely discharged, which helps restore you to equilibrium.

The process is supported by your own inner resources, so you’re a key part of the process.  I will show you how to use your inner resources to bring about a sense of safety to your body and mind as you help your body restore its balance.

SE in Brighton & Hove

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