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Somatic Experiencing (SE®)- FAQ’s

Somatic Experiencing (SE®) – Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s some useful information about Somatic Experiencing (SE®).  If you’d like to ask questions, feel free to call me.   I’ll be pleased to help and advise.  There’s no obligation and if you’re looking to ease your stress or distress I’m right on your doorstep.

What can Somatic Experiencing (SE®) help with?

Why have I become so stressed?

What is a traumatic event?

How does Somatic Experiencing (SE®) work?

What is Neural-somatics?

Self healing in Brighton & Hove

By working slowly together, step by step, we will reverse the distressing cycle of symptom escalation, increasing your confidence and enabling you to work with your trauma in a safe, conscious, life-affirming way.  It’s as much an education as therapy.  You can expect to learn why your mind and body are behaving the way they are, and how you can support them in working together to create new, healthy patterns.

Being one of the first in the UK to gain the SEP certificate  and currently the only acupuncturist SEP in the country, as well as being one of only four UK resident SE Training Assistants, you‟ll be in good hands.

SE in Brighton & Hove

Feel free to get in touch for an integrated, holistic, neuro-somatically aware approach to stress and trauma in Brighton & Hove.

Just call 07730 683 181 for an informal chat or email me info@somatictao.co.uk