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Somatic Experiencing

What is Somatic Experiencing (SE®)?

Somatic Experiencing is a pioneering body-based method in healing physical, emotional and psychological shock, stress and trauma.  It is a beautifully simple process that works with the body’s natural self regulating systems and doesn’t necessarily involve the use of touch or body-work.

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The inventor of the technique, Peter Levine, based his theory on observations of wildlife.  Animals are regularly threatened with death yet they rarely become traumatised.  They instinctively know how to regulate and discharge the intense ‘flight or fight’ energy released during survival behaviour.   Humans are equipped with the same survival instincts, but the rational upper part of our brains often overrides these primal mechanisms, causing the survival energy to become trapped in our bodies.  When this powerful involuntary fight or flight response isn’t allowed to discharge, you can develop disturbing symptoms.  Bottling it up isn’t always healthy!

Through moment-to-moment awareness of sensations in the body (soma), SE can help you gently re-establish the natural flow of all that life energy, releasing the trauma from your body.  You put the past back where it belongs and restore your body and mind to an empowered sense of relaxed wholeness: a deep knowledge and conviction that everything’s OK.

Find out more about the work of Dr Peter Levine and his associates at The Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute and via Somatic Experiencing Association UK.

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