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Stress and Trauma Resolution in Brighton & Hove – Feel much better and more resilient in your life!

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Welcome to Somatic Tao. I’m Penny Boyland

If you’re feeling ill, out of sorts, unhappy or stressed, it’s my job to provide the highest quality of health care in an environment in which you feel safe and secure.  I can relieve your symptoms and help you identify your personal health needs accurately.  I will give you the knowledge you need to take an active part in your own healing process, so you’ll grow emotionally as your treatment progresses.  And because I take part in continual professional development, you enjoy access to all the latest self-healing methods to combat stress, distress and trauma.

Somatic Tao is an integrated neuro-somatically aware therapeutic approach that tracks and teaches you how to attune to your nervous system speaking in your body.

Working with:

• the body awareness of Somatic Experiencing (SE) to track the nervous system;
• the Western neuroscientific, biological and emotional aspects of trauma; and
• the Taoist philosophy of inter- and intra-relationships within the body,

trauma energy locked in your body is encouraged to come back into flow and bring you back to health.

Somatic Tao brings forth meaningful connections, understanding, empowerment and transformation.

Somatic Tao also understands that most modern day ills are due to a lack of ability to tolerate emotional energies:

• rage and protest energy mobilised in answer to unmet needs;
• toxic shame created by unmet very early developmental needs;
• grief due to loss, rejection and abandonment;
• fear and terror due to unmet need for safety and security.

Synthesising SE with other approaches such as: Bowlby’s Attachment Theory; the Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM); the Alchemy of Shame Transformation , (AST) Model; and the Grief Recovery Method (GRM), Somatic Tao’s integrated approach helps you regain your emotional resilience and increase your capacity for life.

With over 14 years experience of working with stress, emotional distress and trauma, plus familiarity of medical terms and drug mechanisms gained from previous careers in neuroscience and the pharmaceutical industry, I am able to share a unique and comprehensive approach to health to both clients and supervisees.

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